gourmet k

GourmetKickz was born from an idea to put my hottest sneakers in an oven and snap a picture for my first business card. This was over 6 years ago. The idea turned out to be genius as I began to theme my custom sneaker endeavor after food. Shortly thereafter my entire product offering was organized much like a menu at a fine restaurant. I quickly began to treat my valued customers like patrons at the finest restaurant. GourmetKickz quickly became an upscale Restaurant / Fine Dining “food for the sole” experience. GourmetKickz was the first online or offline sneaker business to create a theme like this. Copy cats and biters have since surfaced all over the web and world. With boutiques popping up with similar names and similar logos, I am further convinced that GourmetKickz is a trend setter.

The shoes in the above pic are my 1950’s inspired AF1’s.


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