A TEENAGER who claims to be the man pictured riding on the back of train in Melbourne Victoria, says he has pulled the dangerous stunt before. The 19-year-old, who spoke to radio station Nova 100, claimed he couldn’t get a seat.

So we have seen train surfing before, sure people die, but you must admit it looks pretty sweet. We seen Micheal J Fox ride the wolf mobile in teen wolf back in the day, surley after we all seen that we also wanted to stand on the roof of our mates van and pretend were surfing…..?

Im sure in the rite hands someone could mould this deadly thrill ride into a fun loving sport, just like bungee jumping, i bet when the concept of bungee jumping was thought of some one went….GET FUCKED! you wanna tie a massive elastic band around my feet and throw me off a bridge in the hope that i spring back up?, give train surfing a chance… never know.


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