You all know Kyle Sandilands, hosted big brother last year, australia idol judge, radio host and all round nice guy yeah?. Ah no…….iwas reading the other day that some one has sent numerous death threats to him and he was told about them by the local police and they suggested he step up his security. Today he addressed the issue on this radio show saying 

“Yes I have issues, yes I have issues with people, right, but there’s no death threats. And I say anyone who wants me dead is probably not going to threaten it, they’re just going to come and kill me one day.”

The revelation of the threats have come about due to a on going feud with other radio hosts MERRICK & ROSSO, It began on Wednesday when Sandilands read out Austereo market research which was entirely negative to the Nova breakfast team, including Kate Ritchie. He trashed the lads and implored Ritchie to leave the show, among other things.

As we all know MERRICK & ROSSO are some funny dudes(merrick & rosso show)so the best way to respond is with something funny rite?…….After telling Kyle to stick to “bullying” 14 year old girls on Australian Idol Merrick went on too say,  

“It’s not the sort of thing we do on this show because A we have jokes, and B we don’t want to bore people,”     “Remember this is the man who four years ago started his own international record company which has only managed to sign his girlfriend.”

Will this continue? why does he pick on people that will always out witt him or do him over bad(dave hughes)?

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