Jackson, 50, has spots of skin cancer on his upper body and pre-cancerous cells on his face, The Sun reports. Those close to the King of Pop did not deny the report when contacted.

“I cannot comment on this issue,” a spokesperson for his publicist Dita Miller was reported as saying in the Daily Mail.

“I am afraid there is nothing more to add at this time.”

His New York-based lawyers, L Londell McMillan, refused to confirm or deny the reports.

“We don’t speak about these sorts of things … I cannot say any more,” a spokesperson said.

Jackson is said to be determined to make a full recovery after his Los Angeles doctors said the disease was treatable.

“He was at first very concerned, but says he has been assured by the doctors that they can treat this and he will recover,” a Sun source said.

Jackson has been photographed making regular visits to his Beverly Hills dermatologist wearing a mask and surgical cap, and reportedly received the shock diagnosis last month.

Jackson’s strange skin colour has been linked to the cancer.

He has claimed to suffer from vitiligo, a disease that affects pigmentation, which has the potential to contribute to skin problems.

Medical bodies have also warned in the past that skin bleaching treatments can lead to skin cancer.

Jackson has long been rumoured to have undergone the cosmetic treatment despite repeatedly denying the claims.



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