OK, so all 3 colourways of the air yeezys have dropped in the states as of Saturday, we here in Australia were lucky to get the first pair and there is not much word on when we will be getin the other 2 pairs……I was researching my sneakers as i do most days and i come across this story of some stores in the USA having auctions in stores to get higher prices for the yeezys, they retail for $215 us, they sell on EBAY for anywhere up too $1500 us, i guess stores seen this and thought why not make some extra cash??????

PROBLEM IS….kids lining up for days to get the YEEZYS and prolly missing work or whatever and not everyone has money to spare and $215 is still alot for sneakers, that might be all they can afford, all they could scrape together, all they could borrow from there mum’s….then stores go and pull the auction thing on them! is it fair? NO…is it business? NO….its a global recession and people gotta get theirs!!!

I hope we get the other yeezy’s here in OZ but lets hope its not as crazy as the U.S.



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