Ok seeing as i am at the supermarket every second day this really pisses me off……

When you get to the checkout and you pay for your basket of items and you might spend $28.50 and you hand over a $50 note and they pack your item into a couple of bags and hand you over your change…..all sounds fine so far yes? NNNNNOOOO

Whilst they hand over my change i like to put it back into my wallet, so it takes all of about 30sec for me to do that and pick up my bags and move on, but that 30sec feels like 10 hours cos not only does the checkout chick give you the hard stare but the random person next in line looks at you like you ate their dog…..FUCK GIVE ME THE 30 SEC IT TAKES TO SORT MY SHIT!!! ITS NOT GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!



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