Well on wednesday i decided i wanted to make the trip up the highway to Melbourne to check out NIKE’S FACTORY OUTLET STORE and also take my lady up there for a lil shopping……

After having to do the once over on the car to put water in and check the oil we ended up in Melbourne just shy of midday. After almost getting taken out by a tram and some courier dude delivering massive packets of toilet paper, we made it too smith street (FACTORY OUTLET STREET) and got a sweet ass park.


So we got to NIKE just as they were stocking up the 40% off wall with all new kicks…..woohoooo!! so i pounced on a few different pairs (4 all up) and went to a quiet corner and pondered which ones i will purchase.


After consulting with my lady i decided on 2 pairs, JORDAN 2.5 TEAM’S and the NINTENDO Wii SKY FORCE HIGH’S, was very happy with my purchase and basically paid for one pair and got the other one free…..good times!!

Being that we were in smith street and knowing that my ladies favourate lollie shop is there that were we headed next for some treats…..AMERICAN STYLE!



All in all it was a good day, everyone was happy, i scored the bargain of the year and till next time i have 2 more pairs of kicks to add to my collection….





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