Well it was a cold night in Geelong when we headed up the highway, being that its only a 20min drive to avalon picking up the guys was really easy……NO MESSY TERMINALS!!!


After picking up the guys we headed back to geelong so they could get settled into there hotel rooms and so we could get to the club to kick things off…….So its gotta be after midnight – ish and the crowd is just warming up when these guys hit the stage (or the dj booth). All i can say from here is WOW WOW WOW…….if you haven’t seen KID KENOBI & MC SHURESHOCK  live then your missing out!

One thing that sticks in my head is this random dude on the dance floor coming up to the booth prolly 5 times between 10pm and 2am making butterfly symbols with his hands and requesting WU-TANG! was some funny shit……. 

I must say i have meet alot of touring dj’s from around the world and i have to tell you these guys were by far the easiest to get along with and the most friendliest dudes you’ll ever meet!

check back soon with some track updates and touring info….



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