It has been raining for the last 24 hours and im sorry to tell you but if this rain keeps up we will definately be flooded by november 25, 2012…..yes 2012, im hoping that the rain slows up as i really dont wanna have to buy a boat.


So your probably thinking to yourself….HUH? but it wouldnt be the 1st time Geelong has flooded, i remember when i was younger that the barwon river flooded over and covered the sunday market and halfway up k-mart’s car park, was wicked.


That was either in the really late 80’s or the mid 90’s, i remember seeing kids on boogie boards floating across where a road use to be and trees and shit floating along what use to be a river….lol, what a site!

So remember when your outside in this weather it is possible that it wont stop and Xmas will be flooded and so will NYE! or not…..knowing Geelong as well as i do it will be 30′ + degrees celcius next week and the grass will be dead once again and we will not see any rain for 6 months! or then again it is Geelong so it might rain whilst its 30 + degrees…




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