Actor Charlie Sheen put a knife to his wife’s throat and threatened to kill her in a fight that began over Christmas, she told police.
So thats her story? what about his story?  ” she was pissed on egg nog and fucking champers”

he hasn’t said shit about what happened and she has come out and said ” oh maybe i was drinking a lil too much” hahahaha when the police breath tested her she blew .1 8 or some shit close to enough alcohol to drown a 10 year old child.

So the story goes…….Charlie spent much of Christmas Day in a cell after he apparently attacked Brooke Mueller Sheen when she asked him for a divorce.  Arrest papers quote Mrs Sheen saying the Two and Half Men star had straddled her on a bed and held her down.  The 44-year-old denied threatening his wife with a knife or choking her.

Ok so number one, he could get another wife just as hot if not hotter so why car about a divorce, she lied!

number two, straddling her on the bed never used to be a problem? maybe she was too drunk to realise who it was, she lied again!

number three, what she thought was being threatend with a knife was just him asking her if she wanted him to carve the turkey and the choking was just him waking her out of her alcoholic coma, once again she lied!




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