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February 5, 2011

Bimbo is a pizza restaurant/bar located in Brunswick St in Melbourne, its inside decor is like you have never seen but its pizza and beverage list is a force to be reckon with.

Above I had the Calibrese pizza which has a fresh crusty base with modzeralla and 2 types of salami….its amazing. Below Miss Davis had the ceasar salad pizza….WHAT? yes ceasar salad pizza, she said it was very very nice, a good change to the normal pizza’s available.

So all in all we have hit up BIMBO’S on numerous occasions and the pizza is still top notch, i also dont mind the selection of ciders and miss davis enjoys the 12 different vodka infusions they have to offer….4 down 8 to go.

BIMBO 8/10




April 30, 2010

So i have decided to do this post because we like to get around abit and try as many places as we can for lunch, so part 1 will be the coffee club in Westfield, Geelong. Its situated on the bottom level of the Westfield shopping centre across from Myer.

So i had the steak sandwich and wifey had the salmon with cream cheese on turkish bread. After waiting way too long for both meals to come out i ended up sending mine back cos it was cold and it was brought back hot and fresh with no worries but still wifeys lunch had not been spotted. As you can see in the above picture i had eatern half of mine before her’s had turned up.

Well it might have taken longer than normal and i did send back my 1st steak sandwich but all in all the meal was really good, now im not big on salad in a hot sandwich but i tell you i will be having it again….

” The Coffee Club – Westfield Geelong ”

we give it 3.5 plates out of 5