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March 8, 2010

I know it’s been awhile since any word of the next mega swap meet, but Im sure you all know its a lot of work to try and organise over 40 individuals to set up stalls so bear with me for a bit more until everything is confirmed.

As of this post, nothing has been locked in yet but I just wanted to see if I would get the same interest or better for this next one.

The proposed date so far is Sunday 4th of APRIL.

Now this date is pretty much the only date Rose St Market has that is free for us to use. We def cannot use a Saturday for that venue because they already have a very successful market day which happens to also be their busiest day of the week. So sorry for those who can’t make Sundays. You might just have to take a day off.

As usual we will try to incorporate everything from sneakers, clothing, bikes and whatever else we think is cool. I (hope) will also be working with DJ Peril and he will be making sure there is a bigger music presence – as in more records and hip-hop related stuff for sale or to look at.

I have spoken to the Rose St people and they guarantee this time that the cafe will be open so you don’t have to walk to Brunswick St for food and drink.

At the moment this is the extent of it. I will update as more news comes to hand.

Those interested in getting involved with a stall or anything else, can email me –

or just post your questions here if they are just general ones.


editors note: The flyer is offical and the event will go ahead as planned….see you all there!(info from sneaker freaker)



January 20, 2010

So the other day i headed up to melbourne to checkout the SURE store, its a streetwear store that stocks a lot of sweet brands. I came across some alife T’s (2 for $80) and shot this video whilst i was there….



July 17, 2009


Well on wednesday i decided i wanted to make the trip up the highway to Melbourne to check out NIKE’S FACTORY OUTLET STORE and also take my lady up there for a lil shopping……

After having to do the once over on the car to put water in and check the oil we ended up in Melbourne just shy of midday. After almost getting taken out by a tram and some courier dude delivering massive packets of toilet paper, we made it too smith street (FACTORY OUTLET STREET) and got a sweet ass park.


So we got to NIKE just as they were stocking up the 40% off wall with all new kicks…..woohoooo!! so i pounced on a few different pairs (4 all up) and went to a quiet corner and pondered which ones i will purchase.


After consulting with my lady i decided on 2 pairs, JORDAN 2.5 TEAM’S and the NINTENDO Wii SKY FORCE HIGH’S, was very happy with my purchase and basically paid for one pair and got the other one free…..good times!!

Being that we were in smith street and knowing that my ladies favourate lollie shop is there that were we headed next for some treats…..AMERICAN STYLE!



All in all it was a good day, everyone was happy, i scored the bargain of the year and till next time i have 2 more pairs of kicks to add to my collection….