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September 4, 2011

Morning Ladies and Gents as i get back into the swing of things here i really just wanted to share my sudden addiction to PODCASTS, not all types but one type in particular.

I would say its been 5 days a week for the past 2 months on my drive to and from work, which is about an hour each way. It all started with a local comedy radio duo called HAMISH & ANDY who’s radio show i used to listen to but OMG the music was so crap, so i stopped listening.

After a couple of days i discovered that comedians i really used to follow and love were all doing there own PODCASTS. I trolled through iTunes and discovered one of my all time favourate comedian/actors  JAY MOHR has been doing one for a few weeks so i downloaded all of them (5 episodes).

After listening to Jay and his guests i went through and found MR FEAR FACTOR himself JOE ROGAN and his PODCASTS will just blow your god damm mind……so in depth and interesting.

So now every week i hang out for these two guys to drop there new PODCAST and i gets me through the week.



October 27, 2010

So i have been very busy busy working for FOOT LOCKER for the past 6 months or so and have been travelling from GEELONG to melbourne everyday, dont get me wrong the travel doesnt really bother me, what really bothers me is that we dont have a FOOT LOCKER in GEELONG at the moment(yes we did have one a long time ago). So i have put this page together to express our towns intrest in making this happen and i ll keep pushing until it does, dont kid yourself they know about this page and they(DISTRICT MANAGER & VICE PRESIDENT OF AUS/NZ) have spoken to me about it on a number of occasions so the ball is definately rolling.

So thats why this blog has been down for so long and its time to bring it back!


search: foot locker geelong on facebook for the page and tell your friends!


April 22, 2010

Here are some of the up-coming nike sb dunks and a blazer that im pretty keen on, hopefully my man Craig from SKATEBIZ in QLD can hook me up soon with the skunks and eventually the rest too….lol.

You guys feelin any of these? the gold kosten dunk hi’s are due out the 27th april but im not sure about the rest of them, im totally diggin the marvin the martians as well, the green with red sole is sweet as….anyway ill keep you posted when these are available and if i pick any up ill post up some pics….

Oh i forgot i ordered the Dr Huxtables from Craig earlier this week so hopefully they will show up real soon….

They look so mad in the pics, cant wait to get my hands on them!!!



April 20, 2010

So i come across this t-shirt company based in cleveland ,ohio…got put onto them from my boy Carlos Sanchez (sneakgeakz) and let me tell you i just ordered 2 t shirts to ship over here down under to australia….you gotta check them out, i dont really know what else to say……WOW! FUCKING WOW! there blog and store is so awesome so check them out @




April 20, 2010

Not this weekend but next…..oh its going to be fun fun fun! a heap of crew are coming from Geelong and some of our mlbourne peeps will also be hooking up with us….were international baby!



April 20, 2010

“OH SNAP” accessories are something i have had in my head for a while now…..i collected so many lil toys and figurines over the years and it just come to me one day sitting with wifey and fam….these would make sweet ass pendant chains, you think? hahahaha…yes!

So i have made a few different ones, ranging from family guy characters to tech deck skateboards to mini transformers and lil nike shoes, there pretty ghetto and are now available @ a local Geelong store called NAVAHO (its on pakington st in geelong west, look it up)

Ill try and get some good pics of them instore to put up here and update them as i make them….cheers

So let me know what you think and if your keen on any or have any suggestions let me know….



March 10, 2010

I think this is my favourate one so far, the copper foams was wicked but this is funny as hell….oh i dig the last one too with the AJ6’s but im still calling this my fav so far….in case you dont know NIKE SB have just released a dunk hi that has features from Bill Cosbys sweaters that he wore in the COSBY SHOW.

Ill be finding these when they hit Australia soon….hopefully!



March 8, 2010

I know it’s been awhile since any word of the next mega swap meet, but Im sure you all know its a lot of work to try and organise over 40 individuals to set up stalls so bear with me for a bit more until everything is confirmed.

As of this post, nothing has been locked in yet but I just wanted to see if I would get the same interest or better for this next one.

The proposed date so far is Sunday 4th of APRIL.

Now this date is pretty much the only date Rose St Market has that is free for us to use. We def cannot use a Saturday for that venue because they already have a very successful market day which happens to also be their busiest day of the week. So sorry for those who can’t make Sundays. You might just have to take a day off.

As usual we will try to incorporate everything from sneakers, clothing, bikes and whatever else we think is cool. I (hope) will also be working with DJ Peril and he will be making sure there is a bigger music presence – as in more records and hip-hop related stuff for sale or to look at.

I have spoken to the Rose St people and they guarantee this time that the cafe will be open so you don’t have to walk to Brunswick St for food and drink.

At the moment this is the extent of it. I will update as more news comes to hand.

Those interested in getting involved with a stall or anything else, can email me –

or just post your questions here if they are just general ones.


editors note: The flyer is offical and the event will go ahead as planned….see you all there!(info from sneaker freaker)



January 28, 2010

Im digging some of the up coming releases, will probably pick up the “bruce lee” Kobe V’s and the 2010 AJ….what about you? comment and let me know….cheers!



January 25, 2010

CRAZY…I’m digging these sweater inspired SB dunks, who didnt love the cosby show? even here in OZ it was pretty popular, i think these are available online  but ill kepp you up dated when they hit the local stores..